About Us


Laban Industria is a holding company for strategic management and financial control in a variety of markets and sectors. We provide business strategy, finance, leadership management, technology, and marketing resources required to maximise business performance and value.
Laban Industria adopted a holding company structure in 2021 to enable rapid decision-making in response to market trends, and to accelerate business development in dynamically changing markets.
Laban Industria’s investment strategy is applied throughout a wide range of markets and sectors, and is based on research of local, regional and global market dynamics. Laban Industria has a thorough understanding of the most promising investment opportunities in real estate, commodity trading, agriculture, and healthcare.
Our managed teams have hands-on experience and skills of increased market understanding, more prospects, better delivery capabilities, and higher business sustainability, whether aiming to expand businesses into new areas or strengthen their current position.


At Laban Industria, we aspire to a set of values that define the way we work. Our values underpin the Laban Industria culture of high performance with high responsibility and long-term thinking.
Our essential principles are reflected in our identity and practices.
VIRES – Our Strength – the emergence of power through practice and promptness.
FIDELITAS – Our Loyalty – commitment and shared interest in work that is being done. Giving and receiving common respect.
VERITAS – Our Truth – the core ofwho we really are,openness, expansion, andinner freedom that leadsus to success.
INNOVATIO – Our Innovation – the way we live our lives for the better, greener, smarter, and more sustainable world. A good idea is shared idea.

We believe that sustainable business growth requires a solid strategy, strong partners, and good relationships.